Replacement Baseball Fence Guard Ties



Secure your fence guard to the chain link fence with these special ties. Chain link fence topper has to be secured to the fence somehow - weather, animals and even people can sometimes knock the fence topper down if it's not properly attached.

These 8 inch long plastic zip ties are the answer! They come in black and are sold in packages of 100. Each tie is made from high quality plastic and is treated for protection against weather and sunlight damage.

If the original ties used to secure your fence topper are damaged and need to be replaced, these ties are the perfect replacement. If you're concerned that your fence caps may not be tight enough, you can also order these as additional ties and secure the topper more tightly to your fences.

Replacement Black Baseball Fence Zip Ties


  • Weather-treated and UV resistant construction
  • Designed for years of trouble-free use
  • Priced per package of 100
  • Black in color
Product Specifications:
Color: Black
Fits: On Top of Fencing
Material: Plastic
Size: 8" Long
Sold As: Packs of 100 Ties