Sport Fence Topper

If you've ever gone to a football, baseball, softball or rugby game, there's a good chance you've seen sport fence topper. When an outfielder reaches for the ball over the fence, he needs to be protected against getting injured by the chain link fence. A sports fence topper can protect not only the outfielder, and not only the other team players, but it can help protect every guest at your stadium or field. The last thing anybody wants is to have to be liable for somebody getting snagged by the top of a chain link fence. These types of accidents can be extremely costly, however they can be easily negated by fitting your fence with a sport fence topper.

We're proud to offer many different options for your sports fence topper, such as Poly-Cap, fence guard, and safety top. Poly-Cap is the original sporting fence topper and is still the best. It can be an affordable way to increase the safety of your chain link fence, while also beautifying it and increasing visibility. Poly-Cap may look like standard drain tile, but don't be fooled. Unlike standard drain tile, Poly-Cap is designed from the start to be used as a fence topper. It contains special UV inhibitors that help protect it from deteriorating over time in heavy sunlight.

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